Our insulated piercing connectors (IPC) is used for branches at the service entry cable of aerial bundle cable (ABC) low voltage distribution line. Designed to withstand 6kV in water, it is fully insulated and is suitable for live line works. 

The IPC is made of 2 halves of high resistance reinforced thermoplastic and UV resistant material which has high mechanical and climatic properties. 

Both the main and branch conductors of IPC are pierced by single or double bolt metal heads which are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The inner contact blades are specially designed to ensure continuous electrical flow and without the need to strip conductor insulation. 

Water entry into the cable is prevented by a built-in seal around the connector blades and silicone grease. The end of the cable branch is capped by an end cap which is provided together with the IPC. 

There is a wide range of IPC sizes to cater to different cable size combinations and shear torque requirements.

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